Davide Cheraz, Team Salomon since 2014, has the great fortune of living on the slopes of Mont Blanc. He will participate in one of the Challenges of the Vertical Trail Courmayeur Mont Blanc, the C18. He will run the Vertical1000 Night on July 30th and the very tough Vertical2000 the next day, on July 31st, up to Punta Helbronner. In May, Davide, with his participation in the Italian Long Trail Championships, won the “ticket” for the World Trail Running Championships which will take place in Thailand. In this interview he tells us something about himself, about his approach to trail running, revealing passions and recounting the victories and defeats that inspired him and made him grow as an athlete.

Davide, you are part of a team, Salomon since 2014. The name Salomon is connected in many ways to the name of Kilian Jornet, have you ever raced together or did he give you some advice for some races?

I had the honor of meeting Kilian and sharing some trips with him. I remember my first Transvulcania, it was my first competition with Salomon and my first approach to international competitions. I remember very well a couple of running sessions with him on that occasion. Kilian has always been my idol, a source of inspiration and motivation.

What was your best victory?

I run and play sports because they constantly give me great emotions. And these are not necessarily linked to a good performance or a victory. The races that have excited me most over the years are certainly the UTMB races and the Transvulcania thanks to an incredible environment and breathtaking views. If I really have to mention a victory it is that of the Cortina Trail in 2015 because it was the first and most desired.

Which race instead you suffered the most or where did you have to give up?

Precisely those races I was talking about before, the ones that gave me the most, but sometimes they also asked me too much, those races in which the heart and the head go far away but the legs stop you. Two withdrawals at the CCC the most beautiful race, the one that starts near my home (Courmayeur), which excites me and which was able to bring out all the motivation I had unfortunately was not enough.

What have you learned from your dad Claudio, for years finisher of the Tor Des Geants?

My Dad taught me to play sports to enjoy sports, to appreciate the simplicity of a little run and to work hard to achieve my personal goals.

After so many years of running on the trails, what would you recommend to a young athlete approaching trail running?

I recommend to start running  without pressure and with great pleasure, not asking too much to the body but also to commit to pursuing his dreams because it is a sport capable of giving you back all the effort you put into it.

You have always participated in the Vertical of Courmayeur. To a novice who has never raced a vertical like the VK2, severe in terms of effort and altitude gain, what do you suggest to get ready for it?

It is a very tough race from the start to the finish line, you have to get used to walking on very steep paths and the last part of the race also requires the ability to move on technical terrain. Once in the race you have to know how to manage yourself and remember that the last 700 meters are the ones that make the difference because there the altitude and fatigue are felt.