29 july 2023


29 july 2023


based on age groups


based on age groups


KIDS The mini vertical up to 17 years old.


Download the race track in GPX format


To register for the VERTICAL TRAIL COURMAYEUR MONT BLANC you must provide a competitive sports medical certificate valid until the date of the race




The sports competition regulations outline the ethics, relationships, rights, duties and behaviors that the athlete must respect. Anyone who participates as an athlete, organizer, volunteer, sponsor, patron or for any other reason, undertakes to observe these regulations, which are signed at the time of joining.

The organizer and sole person in charge of the event is TRAIL MOUNTAIN ASD, which is based in via De La Chapelle 28, Verrand (Prè Saint Didier- AO).

The event is organized with the patronage of the Municipality of Courmayeur and in collaboration with other associations present in the area.

The K KIDS is a non-competitive race, organized by TRAIL MOUNTAIN ASD, reserved for youth categories, with the patronage of the municipality of Courmayeur and in collaboration with local institutions, sponsors and partners.

The categories are divided as follows:

  • 8 e 9 years
  • 10 e 11 years
  • 12 e 13 years 
  • 14, 15 years 
  • 16 E 17 years


I percorsi gara KIDS per le categorie giovanili si svolgeranno nell’ambiente alpino, allo stesso tempo affascinante, della stazione della funivia SKYWAY – PAVILLON. Le distanze sono determinate in funzione dell’età dei giovani atleti.


The start for the KIDS race will be saturday 30 July 2022 at 12:30am at the the PAVILLON refuge, the intermediate station of the SKYWAY MONTE BIANCO cable car.

The young athletes must arrive at least 15 minutes before the start to be registered and allowed to enter the delimited “starting area”. Once entered the “starting area” they will not be able to exit (except in case of clear need).

The parents, in addition to filling out the registration form for the race, will have to sign the consent form and deliver a medical certificate of sound and robust constitution.

Place of registration and bib delivery from 8.00am to 10.00am on Saturday 30 July at the square in front of the SKYWAY MONTE BIANCO cable car where the MONTBLANC SKYRACE KKIDS gazebo will be located.

On the race track there will be a refreshment point and a buffet will be located at the arrival.

The organization will announce the decisions relating to any changes to these regulations (for example, changes to the race track for safety reasons) on Friday 30 JULY 2021 during the briefing.

Place of registration and bib delivery from 8.00am to 10.00am on Saturday 30 July at the square in front of the SKYWAY MONTE BIANCO cable car where the MONTBLANC SKYRACE KKIDS gazebo will be located.

The bib will be assigned according to the chronological registration order and will be delivered individually to each athlete. The bib must be worn over clothing and always be fully visible throughout the race. Time tracking takes place via CHIP.

Registration fee to the K KIDS race is 15 Euro. The fee includes:

  • a participation gadget
  • the free PASS for the cable car
  • the bib to participate in the CHOCOLATE PARTY "LE POESIE"

For accompanying persons / parents there is a reduction on the purchase of the cable car ticket.

Volunteers from the organization and safety officers will be present all time along the track.

Any athlete who requires the intervention of a doctor or a rescuer submits himself to his authority and undertakes to respect his decisions.

In case of bad weather conditions and / or for safety reasons, the organization reserves the right to suspend or cancel the race or to change the scheduled times and the race track.


The track will be clearly marked with flags, signs or other indicators in order to avoid unauthorized detours or shortcuts and to ensure maximum safety for the athletes and the audience. 

During the briefing everything will be explained


Check points will be set up with authorized personnel in order to detect the passage of the athletes by controlling the bib number. The be included in the race ranking the athletes must be registered ad each ckeck point.

Awards will be at Pavillon's station at 13:30

The Organization subscribes a civil liability insurance for the entire period of the race and undertakes to insure each athlete with MSP association. The cost of the insurance is included in the registration fee.

Participation takes place under the full responsibility of the competitors, who renounce any appeal against the Organization in the event of damage and any further consequences that occur before and after the race, and outside of it.

Each athlete, upon registration, authorizes the Organization to use the data provided for the sole purpose of this event, for the publication of the rankings, indication of birth date, sex, category, race times and any other information which does not affect the sensitive data of the individual. 

Authorization to send data: athletes give writing consent to the use their electronic addresses provided (emails, websites) in order to receive event promotions, as well as for general and commercial communications from the sponsors of the event. 

Image Rights: each athlete expressly renounces to make use of the rights relating to his image during the race, as well as renounces any recourse against the Organization and its partners / sponsors for the use made of his image. 

In the weeks preceding the event, the "Covid-19 prevention protocol" developed by the organizers will be published, which will contain precise indications on the preventive measures and behaviors to be adopted, created both on the basis of the needs imposed by the event itself and by the national and / or regional rules as well as the regulations of the federation to which they belong. 


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